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Mini Migaloo sighted at Narooma.

Whale Watching Narooma Charters

Mini Migaloo sighted at Narooma

October 13 2011. What a fantastic day. We first saw Mini Migaloo from the headland at Narooma and had to get a closer look, we left the wharf at 3:00 pm and found MiniMigaloo and mother 500 metres from the entrance to Narooma. With our boat “Dreamtime” just ticking along slowly, little MiniMigaloo started performing for us, I lost count of the number of times it breached but I managed to take more than 400 photos.Truly a memorable experience. Having seen Migaloo 17 years ago and going to every pod of whales we could since then to get another look, today made up for the wait.

For more information and to see photos of this amazing day see – http://www.naroomacharters.com.au/minimigaloo.html

Narooma whales put on a show

Narooma Charters experienced some of the best Whale Watching (or should I say people watching) last weekend  with up to 60 whales playing and feeding near Montague Island on sunday 19-9-10.  Some great photos were taken and we have also uploaded a new video on You Tube for people to view.

Narooma whales show off

Narooma whales showing off 19-09-2010Narooma whales breaching

The whales are out to play at Narooma

whale watching off Narooma with Narooma Charters

Whale Watching off Narooma


Yesterday, Narooma Charters hosted an absolutely fantastic whale watching tour.  The whales really put on a show for our customers, tail slapping, spy hopping, swimming around close to the boat and to top it all off – full breaches.  Absolutely everything was happening yesterday (Wednesday) morning so Skipper Norm was VERY impressed (although I wasn’t as impressed with the fact his camera was out of batteries!). 

Lots of whale pods seen again this morning although they were not as playful as yesterday.  The sea was so calm and it seems that they enjoy having the day off when it is like that.  It was still a fantastic experience with the whales swimming a circles near the boat and then diving for up to five minutes before resurfacing. In addition, when we finally arrived at the Island we observed 2 whales close to the Island (within 50 yards) in the very shallow water so it was possible to see them 

Narooma Charters – seats available this weekend on morning or afternoon 4hr Whale Watch & Island Tours or 2.5hr Whale Watching Tours. 

Contact Narooma Visitor Centre 1800 240 003 or phone 0407 909 111 to book your seat.

Whale watching with Narooma Charters

Today saw Narooma Charters boat “Dreamtime” hijacked by four Humpback Whales, they swam to the boat and did some people watching for more than 20 minutes. These magnificent mammals appear to be so gentle while swimming around and under the boat. We also saw a large pod of bottle nose dolphins when coming into the entrance of Narooma. 

 Next trip Wed 8/9/10 3:30pm, Montague Island Whale Watch and Penguin Tour – bookings 1800 240 003 or 0407 909 111.


Humpback whale

First official whale watch of the season!

First official Whale Watch for the 2010 season, Narooma Charters sighted 4 pods of Whales south of Montague Island and another 2 pods off Dalmeny. We had 5 or 6 Whales swimming around our boat “Dreamtime” and the whales were having a great time people watching while swimming in circles around the boat. The seal colony is growing in numbers and all the seal landing sites are filling fast. No dolphins sighted today but they won’t be far away with large schools of bait fish trying to keep away from the whales.
 Next Tour Monday 30/8/10  3:30 pm (whales, seals, penguins). Call 1800 240 003 or 0407 909 111 to book your seat. www.naroomacharters.com.au 

10 pods of humpbacks in Narooma waters…

The Narooma Charters, Montague Island tour proceeded this morning with 10 eager passengers on the lookout for whales on the way.  After about 10 minutes we came across a humpback on its own. Then we went another mile and came across another three.  While we were with them we could see humpbacks in the distance all around us.  The whales were feeding and lolling around having a great old time.  

After spending 2hrs on the island and seeing around about 700 Australian and New Zealand native fur seals we headed back to Narooma.  On the way home we passed two and then came across a pod of five, we stopped to let them have a look at our boat and they then approached us and swam around Sea Eagle for quite a while. 

Weather conditions were lovely with a light breeze following us in on the way home our next tour is scheduled for Sunday 20 August. 

Humpbacks seen in waters off Montague Is.


Narooma Charters are now online…

The Montague Island tour 26 July 2010 headed out of Narooma with a load of excited passengers on board.  Not sure what to expect they donned their life jackets and out we went in near perfect conditions.  On the tour we saw about 600 Australian and New Zealand fur seals, a large sea eagle and spent 2 hours on Montague Island exploring the lighthouse and listening to the NPWS guide and then went for a short whale watch.

Amazingly, we saw a young humpback who swam up extremely close to the boat approximately a mile from Montague Island.  Heading back in after a great trip we were joined by a small pod of dolphins.  What a day – all passengers were extremely happy . 

Don’t miss your chance to experience Montague Island – call 0407 909 111 to book!  This whale watching season is shaping up as one of the best!