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Narooma Visitor Centre Manager; Narooma resident & keen whale watcher (just another excuse to head to the beach really!).

Media via Sunday Telegraph

Hi All,

Check out this article on our social media whale watching campaign published earlier this week in the Daily Telegraph.  http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/national/twittering-whales-stars-of-cyberspace/story-e6freuzr-1225912101714

We are generating a bit of interest now which is great with some awesome sightings happening.  I just got off the phone from Darryl Stuart of Narooma Charters.  They took out almost 60 passengers today on a famil trip and are coming in half an hour late as they came across some whales on the way in who wouldn’t leave them alone.  Nice problem to have isn’t it.  Am sure we will get some great photos and stories from that trip – can’t wait!

We also had Anton of Anton’s Cafe (Kianga) call in with the message that there were some whales really close in at Kianga beach – hope they’re still there when I finish work.  Last week we kept having reports of a mother and calf at Dalmeny Beach – five hours later when I finished work I thought I’d go and see if they were still there…sure enough they were just lying around about 75m off shore.  Looked like they were just floating around in the surf (kind of like what I do really)…

All this and only the second day of spring – what a great place to live and work!


I can’t believe I’m a blogger

Hello World,

Just entering the life of a social media bunny, have just linked my twitter account to my Facebook account to my new blog account on behalf of South Coast Whale Watch.  Hasn’t technology come a long way?  To introduce myself, I am the Narooma Visitor Centre Manager for Eurobodalla Tourism. 

Narooma is located on the South Coast of NSW in a beautiful part of the country that is too often driven through on the way to get somewhere else.  Our job at the Visitor Centre is to get people to come in and stay a while, enjoy our relaxed South Coast lifestyle and bring out their better nature. 

Narooma is a great spot for recreational fishing,  walks, cycling, kayaking and holidaying with little ones. It is the kind of place where you can have that beach holiday that you hear people talking about that used to happen 20 years ago.  That’s not to say we’re behind the times, not at all, we actually choose to be this way. 

Offshore approximately 9km is Montague Island Nature Reserve, a magnificent place to visit and home to all sorts of wildlife and through Spring (Sept – Nov) we are lucky enough to have whales cruising through on the inside of the Island on their way back home with their calves. 

Whales can be spotted from many land based places, especially those along our Narooma-Kianga-Dalmeny cycleway.  Although they are seen from late June through to the end of November the ones traveling south are the ones that have time to stop, play and entertain the - locals and visitors.

I have seen so many whales since moving to Narooma but every time is like the first time, they are magnificent.  I often pull the car up at Kianga Beach or Duesbury’s headland and sit and watch them cruising past, it is always a spectacular site.  This blog has been created by Eurobodalla Tourism so that we can keep you up to date with their movements through our Region so that you too may enjoy a close encounter with a whale, whether it be on a fully guided tour, or along one of our walking tracks, while you’re enjoying a kayaking trip or snorkelling our waterways.  There are many ways to enjoy these creatures while in Eurobodalla.

More information: http://www.eurobodalla.com.au/exp-whalewatching.html